Margheritine Pasta #60 | Divella | 500gr

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  • Margheritine Pasta #60 | Divella | 500gr

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  • Margherite means "daisies" in Italian, but this pasta shape looks more like shells, with ridges on the outside. A small soup pasta version is called margheritine.  
  • Add Italian sauce along with your pasta, to make delicious meals 
  • Substitutes: Gigli or Conchiglie
  • Italian Pasta

  • The delectable margheritines are immersed in warm soups and soups, making them even more inviting and delicious.
  • For over a century, Divella has been making authentic durum wheat semolina pasta.
  • Product of Italy
  • Divella makes the finest pasta in the world


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