Spa Basket | Olive Oil Based Bath Products

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  • Spa Basket | Olive Oil Based Bath Products

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  • This Spa Gift Basket will enchant your senses with a symphony of exquisite aromas!
  • Middle eastern olive oil bath products are housed in a handcrafted basket.
  • This basket is ideal for pampering the senses while also giving your skin that much-needed radiance.
  • Spa Gift Baskets Canada

  • Products Included: Multi-care Skin Moisturizing Creamy Soap 90g | Olive Oil Shampoo For Thin and Limp Hair Volumizing 400ml | Olive Oil Moisturizing Cream Hand & Body 250ml | Shea Butter Cream Soap 90g each x 3 bar | Olive Oil Conditioner For Thin and Limp Hair Volumizing 200ml | Olive Oil Shower Gel / Peach Blossom Scented 250ml | Olive Oil Moisturizing Body Soap 6 bars 75g each | Olive Oil-Rosemary Bath Therapy Soap 175 g | Fruits Vitamin Care Soap Orange 100g | Dalan Defne Lemon Soap
  • Benefits of Olive oil for your skin and face
  • Products of Italy and Turkey
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