Truffle Oil Canada | Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 250ml

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  • Truffle Oil Canada | Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 250ml

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  • Ca Mucci Brand
  •  Truffle oil is made with the highest quality White Truffles & extra virgin olive oil.
  • Truffle Oil Toronto

  • White Truffles are known for their garlic flavor, and this truffle oil is no different.
  • Made with real White Truffles and Extra Virgin Olive Oil the flavor is intense and garlicky. Use as a finishing oil, seasoning, marinade, or salad dressing to dress dishes before serving.
  • Although the uses are endless, we recommend drizzling on pasta, pizza, and risotto to enhance the flavor
  • Turkish Market Toronto

  • A product of Albania
  • Incorporate the Truffle infused oil in your kitchen to make healthy and tasty dishes
  • Pasta with Truffle infused oil and mushrooms


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